BAGA - Badgerland AirGun Association
10 Meter Match
March 29, 2003

What a busy day we had today for our official March inter-club 10M match. In the record books goes some very good scores and some new names. Special thanks go out to new shooters visiting us for our monthly match. We hope to see you more often.

We once again held an abridged schedule and had two morning relays, with the early starting at 8:00am. followed at 10:15 by the second relay. We had seven rifle competittors, six pistol shooters and two classes of juniors. All the lanes were filled for competition so neither Vlad nor I had an opportunity to show our stuff. That's bad for Vlad and good for me...I can only dream of my first 500. We also celebrated Vlad's birthday with some baked goods and hot fresh coffee. Looks like some shooters didn't wait till after the match to intake the extra caffiene and sugar...try to hold that gun a bit steadier after a hunk of brownie and a hot mug of "joe".... :-)

We also still had some room for a little sideline 30 yard shooting and there were plenty of visitors. Hopefully we'll be able to instruct the head shotgun safety officer not to cross a hot line again....I guess he must think one pellet compared to a load of #8 shot just isn't the same....although I'm sure if one had hit the buttocks, his view would have quickly changed.

In addition, we had another guest, Coach Nik. He held his introduction to his training classes and presented a one-hour introductory training class. Vlad plans to have Coach Nik put on a two hour class after each of the next five monthly 10M matches. If you need more info, please contact Vlad.

I would like to give big thanks to everybody who came to our 10M match.
See you next month on the 26th of April.

Reported by Alex Modic- BAGA

After you review the results, take a look at the pictures of the match.

Rifle Shooters Score/60 Gun
1. Chris Thode
David Christenson
Bob Churchill
Bob Skiera
Brandon Carroll
Ron Weber
Hal Trychta
Anschutz 2002
Anschutz 2001
Diana 100
FWB 300S
Daisy Avanti Valiant
FWB P-70
FWB 300S
Pistol Shooters Score/60 Gun
1. Terry Peterson
Chris Thode
Ken Nosalik
Bob Skiera
Rick Cashen
Hal Trychta
Steyr LP10
Pardini K-60
Steyr LP10
CP-95 (B-95)
FWB 65
Junior Rifle Shooters - Girls Score/40 Gun
1. Jessica Carroll 339 FWB P-70 JR
Junior Rifle Shooters - Boys (Rested) Score/40 Gun
1. Daniel Berchanskiy 211 Tau-200Jr.