BAGA - Badgerland AirGun Association
10 Meter Match
July 27, 2002

Today we had another great turnout at our 10M match. We had 12 shooter five of whom were juniors. We are always very happy to see the younger ones shoot with us. Bring your kids with you and both of you will have a great Saturday!

Among five junior shooters, three were shooting in 10M Bench Rest class – 10M standing position using artificial rifle support. Well, guess what? Out of the three 10M BR junior shooters, three (!!!) tied their scores. What are the chances of that!

In order to resolve this, we conducted an official final shoot off. Three juniors stood next to each other and shot 10 shots, with only one minute per shot allowed. With everybody watching I am sure it was quite nerve wrecking for them!

At the end of the shoot off the winners were presented with awards for the 1st and 2nd place in junior rifle event and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in junior BR event.

Next time you go to BAGA, take your kids with you – you won’t regret it!

Reported by Vlad Berchanskiy - BAGA

After you review the results, take a look at the pictures of the match.

Rifle Shooters Score/60 Gun

1. Vlad Berchanskiy
2. Sean Haggerty
3. Ron Weber
4. Hal Trychta
5. Alex Modic

FWB P70 Alu
Anschutz 2002 Alu
FWB 300S
FWB P70 Jr

Junior Rifle Shooters Score/40 Gun

1. Tommy Jackson
2. David Inanez

FWB P70 Jr
FWB P70 Jr

Junior Rifle Shooters (Bench Rest) Score/40 Gun

1. Micah Modic
2. Sara Jackson
3. Daniel Berchanskiy

121 (161 final)
121 (158 final)
121 (151 final)
Daisy Avanti
Tau 200Jr

Men Pistol Shooters Score/60 Gun

1. Terry Peterson
Tom Jackson
3. Hal Trychta

Steyr LP10P
Steyr LP10P
FWB 65